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Welcome to the Carne, Morte, Diavolo, the Klaus shrine and fanlisting. In case you've stumbled on here by accident, Klaus is a character from the book series The Vampire Diaries written by Lisa Jane Smith in the early '90s. Though there were originally three books in the series, LJ Smith later wrote a fourth book, which is the only one where you'll find Klaus, the main villain of book 4.

Not many people like book 4 - myself included, actually - and some will dismiss it on that basis alone. I admit I'm with the people who believe that it was written as fan service and not much more due to people being unhappy with the ending of book 3; however, there are some things in Book 4 that I really like. Obviously, Klaus is one of them; the added screen time Damon Salvatore (another of my favorite characters) gets is another.

However, while Damon has two shrines, a fanlisting, and a small army of admirers, I've noticed that Klaus has a far smaller following. I decided to remedy that. Actually, I spent a good deal of time pondering it in conversations with various people until Adia, magical keeper of the Damon fanlisting, very subtly (in large letters with a shove at the end) suggested that putting up a Klaus shrine and/or fanlisting might be a good idea... and thus, this site was born. So, with that in mind, enjoy your stay and remember... insanity isn't a disorder, it's a privilege.

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